BREED HISTORY: Why is the fowl named KARACHI?

Why is the fowl named KARACHI?
by: Liza Galore December 6, 2004

As for the name Karachi, there is really no relation as to the origin of this bloodline. The are huge number of misconceptions as to why the name Karachi came to be. There is no truth that this line can be traced back to Pakistan, China or Japan. if you have read the link to the Liza Galore website, we would find that in 1966, Mr. Eddie Araneta invited Mr. Billy Ruble to the Philippines to fight in an International Derby. Mr. Billy Ruble brought with him some 40 cocks in which 12 were full brothers that were marked Right Out – Left Nose (ROLN). They were sleek lemon hackled specimen, most were pea-combed sporting Green legged.
it is always a habit on the part of Ka Eddie Araneta to name his cocks especially the good ones that he uses for his breeding program. So he named these 12 full brothers that were ROLN with names starting with letter “K” like KAWKI, KOFAX, KISTON and so on….10 of these brothers were eventually fought, 7 Won and 3 lost their fight. Two of the 12 were never fought and one named KARACHI were a very beautiful specimen. However, he appeared to be somewhat slightly short and low in station and Ka Eddie decided not to fight him.
So in 1967, when Ka Eddie Araneta decided to breed these ROLN brothers, Billy Ruble sent him 8 hens to breed with. He single mated each hen to the 7 ROLN winners and one was mated to the one that named “KARACHI”. So all of the offsprings that came out were soon screened, and most of the matings gave him satisfactory results but the ones that produced and sired by the one named KARACHI came out exceptionally beautiful and gave him the best winning percentage.
From then on, he continued to breed from this favorite cock named “KARACHI” to the very end and in honor and memory of him…all his progenies were now named and called after him as the “KARACHI HATCHES.”
So there…happy cocking to all!

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