National Cockers Alliance Honor Roll of Champions 2012

 Big Event 7-Stag Derby 110K Pot

AAO Hitcock: Gerry Ramos – 7pts


2012 Stag Fighter of the Year

N.I. Armen: Newton Isaac / Arnold Mendoza


2012 – June 6-Cock Big Event 220K Pot

Firefly: Ernie Austria / Jun Santiago – 6pts


2012 – May 8-Cock World Championship

CPB JGT AAO: Cong. Claude Bautista – 7pts

Ibaan: Ramon Mancenares – 7pts

SJC 8-Cock Invitational Derby June 13-16-20: Bong Pineda – 7pts


2012 – January 8-Cock World Championship

Tiffany and AMA: JV Magsaysay, Joel & Danny Teves – 6.5pts


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  1. Joseph S. Hermosisima

    To whom it may concern:

    I would like to become a lawful and legitimate member of NCA so I could participate in any derby event facilitated and sponsored by NCA.

    How I wish to fight in a fair and square arena with any known top rank afectionados locally and internationally.





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